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Smooth Skin: Our Top 6 Tips

Smooth Skin: Our Top 6 Tips

Published: 02/05/2023

Skin+IQ is sharing our 6 essential top tips to great looking smooth skin to help you combat break outs, clogged pores and an oily complexion.

Tips 1 & 2: Cleanse & Tone

Ensuring that your skin is clean before applying any other products may seem obvious but it's also important to be using the right cleanser and toner to ensure you aren't stripping the skin of its natural oils. We recommend using SkinCeuticals Simply Clean or their Blemish & Age range.

Tips 3 & 4: Serum & Moisturise

Using the appropriate daily serum(s) to help control the appearance of blemishes, protect your skin as well as treat fine lines and wrinkles!

Moisturising is also essential every day to help keep your skin balanced, reduce pore sizes & protect your skin.

Skin+IQ recommends the Blemish & Age Serum and Daily Moisture.

Tip 5: LED Treatment

LED known to be incredibly powerful and has incredible healing qualities. By using the Blue Light, it's anti-bacterial properties will help to decongest and purify your skin and, inevitably, help to balance your skins natural oil production.

At Skin+IQ, we recommend a course of skin treatments for best results, tailored to your personal requirements.

Tip 6: Hydrafacial

smooth skin hydrafacialAt Skin+IQ, one of out most popular treatments is our Hydrafacial and that is because it provides instant results and will help get you on your skincare journey! It deeply cleanses, removes excess dead skin cells and impurities which cause breakouts and will help remove excess sebum.

We recommend a course of skin treatments, rather than one, to get the very best results for your skin.

Smooth Skin: Book Your FREE Consultation Today

If you want to fast track your journey to smooth skin, then why not book your FREE consultation with our skin experts today.


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What our clients say about us

Jamie Leeke

I've visited the clinic on two separate occasions now, and each time had a really positive experience. I met with both Dr Vidal and Alise, both of which treated me with great care and made sure I fully understood my treatment and answered any questions I had. I highly recommend.

Joanna Bourne

Morpheus 8 Facial that was excellent. The setting the staff and the actual treatment itself was 10/10

Nina Hijazi

I had the most wonderful experience. I had Morpheus 8 Treatment done by lovely Mariah who was extremely knowledgeable and professional. For a treatment that it’s supposed to be a little uncomfortable I had hardly any discomfort and my recovery time was extremely short!! I highly recommend Skin IQ. Ana Hijazi

I just had my first Morpheus 8 treatment last week and I want to send a big thanks to my wonderful Nurse Ida! She has amazing knowledge and was explaining everything and calming me down. After having numbing cream on for around an hour the treatment was completely bearable. The redness was almost gone by the evening and no noticeable swelling. Some dry patches on my neck for a few days but otherwise no downtime for me. A week after my treatment I can already feel a bit more tightening of my jowls I can’t wait for my next treatment and the final results!

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