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partner - playground of the mind

Paris Macgarr

Partner Paris Macgarr is the founder of Playground of the Mind, a mental wellbeing practice. Coming from a corporate background, Paris discovered hypnotherapy through yoga, at the time when she was struggling with varies things in life. The complete power of the mind during deep relaxation was fascinating for her and this combined with the want to be a service and support to humans led her to create playground of the Mind; where she uses hypnotherapy and wellness coaching to create balance.

partner - paris macgarr
partner- tetyana probyy-holova

Tetyana Probyy-Holova

Partner Tetyana is a proud creator of Cellulite Slayer technique . She holds degree in physio rehabilitation, human health and sport followed by certificates in Yoga, Life Coaching, Feng Shui and Tarot.

She is a former National Ukrainian Judo Champion. After undertaking physiotherapy treatments herself, she decided that she wanted to get a degree in the subject. From the age of 16 Tetyana has been spending all her free time studying and learning about beauty, health, general wellbeing and psychology. As a highly passionate and dedicated person, she always knew that she wanted to help people. That was when she came up with the cellulite-reducing idea. Tetyana has developed the Cellulite Slayer clinic into a team of carefully selected specialists offering the latest treatments in ever evolving field of expertise. Cellulite Slayer clinic is here to help women to feel confident and in-tune with their bodies by promoting mindfulness and wellbeing. Tatyana’s personality, knowledge and bespoke approach has led her to be featured on television. The Cellulite Slayer techniques have also been recognised by multiple publication and its loved by many actors, models, editors and journalists.