IPL Photo Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Exceptional skin rejuvenation: lightens & brightens the skin tone, improves texture & quality
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IPL Photo Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Results: 1-2 weeks
Downtime: No Downtime

At Skin+IQ we are experts in our field of skincare and treatments like IPL Photo Laser Skin Rejuvenation and only use medical grade equipment as we know our clients deserve the best. We invite all clients to come and have a thorough skin assessment so that we can create a bespoke plan for you.

laser skin rejuvenation treatment

How does IPL Photo Rejuvenation work?

The IPL device is designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and target damaged cells. It creates microscopic, controlled wounds onto the skin causing the skin to naturally start re-healing therefore stimulating collagen and elastin fibres in the areas treated.

The IPL Photo laser treatment is safe and non-invasive meaning you don’t have a lot of downtime following the treatment.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation: FAQs

Q. What is Photo Rejuvenation?

A. Photo rejuvenation restores the skins natural healing process resulting in collagen, elastin production we recommend a course of treatments for optimal results.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Yes, we use medical graded equipment at Skin+IQ which means that it’s incredibly safe to use and we always invite our clients in for a thorough consultation before treating to ensure you are suitable.

Q. What can Photo Rejuvenation treat?

A. Photo rejuvenation can treat a multitude of skin concerns including; age spots, sun spots, freckles, dull complexions, rosacea.

Q. How many treatments do I need?

A. You can see results from as little as one treatment but we would recommend that you have at least a course of 3 for optimal results.

Q. Is the treatment painful?

A. There is minimal discomfort and most describe this as a small “flicking” sensation.

Q. Is there any downtime?

A. Yes, we say usually a minimum of 48 hours downtime following this treatment.

What our clients say about us

I just had my first Morpheus 8 treatment last week and I want to send a big thanks to my wonderful Nurse Ida! She has amazing knowledge and was explaining everything and calming me down. After having numbing cream on for around an hour the treatment was completely bearable. The redness was almost gone by the evening and no noticeable swelling. Some dry patches on my neck for a few days but otherwise no downtime for me. A week after my treatment I can already feel a bit more tightening of my jowls I can’t wait for my next treatment and the final results!

Delighted with the treatments. Dr Flow is patient, thorough and kind professional. Dr Flow also gave me free consultation and gave me a lot of time to listen to my issues. I strongly recommend Skin+IQ. Excellent value for money and outstanding results in my treatments.very clean and organized reception and friendly staff.


I really like the place, Alice is very knowledgeable and passionate about the skin care, Definitely will be back, Thank you!

The knowledgeable, friendly and expert staff guided me through various options and I feel rejuvenated after a fantastic hydrafacial. Thanks Team SkinplusIQ!

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