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hydratite facials launch party

HydraTite Facials Launch Event at Skin+IQ

Published: 16/12/2021

As you may have seen on Instagram (make sure you're following us there if you're not already, to be the first to learn about new treatments, special offers, skincare tips & more!) last week, Skin+IQ threw our HydraTite launch party in our Chelsea-based clinic.

Guests included journalists, members of the press and some fabulous local influencers; all swinging by on the evening of the 9th December to learn more about our signature HydraTite combination treatment. With complimentary treatments, a professional photographer, yummy cupcakes and bubbles flowing all evening; the launch was one to remember - team Skin+IQ and our VIP guests had a fabulous evening!

champagne flowing
HydraTite Facials Launch Event at Luxury Aesthetic Clinic Skin+IQ Chelsea - Combining Hydrafacial and Forma from InMode
discussing HydraTite facials

Guests received goodie bags packed with our favourite in-clinic skincare brands, special offers and the opportunity to try a mini Forma facial or mini Hydrafacial; the two trending treatments which combine to create the HydraTite experience at Skin+IQ. We also welcomed Gabriele from EMSculpt on the evening, who offered treatment demos to our guests, who got to experience the machine's EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology first-hand!

Our resident aesthetic doctor Dr Flor Kent was on-hand for all aesthetic enquiries, with senior aestheticians Alise & Oksana performing facials and skincare consults with our guests. Our VIPs left Skin+IQ radiant and glowing post-treatment - as well as much more clued-up about our signature HydraTite facial and its benefits.

Have you heard of HydraTite facials at Skin+IQ Chelsea before? Read on to learn more, and to see why our guests are raving about the treatments this exclusive facial combines.

skinplusiq team
waiting for facials

What is HydraTite Facials at Skin+IQ Chelsea?

HydraTite facials is your easy route to glowing, firmer skin this Christmas & beyond (with zero pain, needles or downtime!) Taking around just 60 minutes, this results-driven facial combines the glow-giving Hydrafacial with Forma by InMode (as loved by the Kardashians!) for a hydrated, glowing complexion that is both lifted and tightened. 

Hydratite gives truly impressive, noticeable results after just one session, which last for a few days following your treatment. There's no pain, no downtime and no needles. Just a combination of two cutting-edge technologies that'll leave your skin instantly clearer, hydrated and glowing; making it the perfect choice ahead of a big event (such as a Christmas party, wedding or big night out!)

Let's talk details

HydraTite combines two of Skin+IQ’s most-loved treatments: the Hydrafacial and Forma by InMode. They’re impressive separately but come together to deliver next-level results for party perfect skin, in just one hour. 

The treatment begins with a Hydrafacial, to clear dead skin cells, boost hydration and supercharge the condition of the skin. And after that, your face will be treated to a Forma treatment; for skin tightening and collagen stimulation. 

By treating your skin to a Hydrafacial first (which extracts bacteria, clogged pores and dirt) your complexion will be more receptive to the powers of Forma; meaning the results will be enhanced. HydraTite can be performed on the face, neck and jowls.

HydraTite facials

What is a Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial treatments take just thirty minutes, making them one of the fastest and most effective facials out there. No wonder they're so popular with A-listers and beauty editors alike! After only half an hour you’re left with an instantly glowing, radiant complexion; thanks to this three-step treatment.

With fans such as Kate Winslet and Beyoncé, the Hydrafacial combines a gentle peel with a deep cleanse and pore extraction - and a cocktail of hydrating ingredients that dive deep into your skin, saturating it with anti-oxidants for an undeniable glow.

Acne is soothed, hyperpigmentation is tackled and the appearance of wrinkles is lessened; for brighter, clearer, tighter skin with zero downtime. The first step of the treatment deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and debris that can cause the skin to appear dull. Next up is the extract and hydrate stage; responsible for clearing pores. The final step perfects, with a heavy dose of hydration for ultra-fresh, dewy and hydrated skin.

And what is Forma?

Forma is a skin tightening and lifting treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) to support the production of new collagen and elastin; rejuvenating, lifting and sculpting the skin (with zero downtime!) 

The RF energy gets to work in the deeper layers of your skin for long-term results & an improved appearance... that'll last long after party season is over. It works particularly well on the forehead, crow’s feet, upper and lower eyelids, cheeks and smile lines. 

Forma facial treatments typically take around 30 minutes and an hour. During your treatment, a cooling jelly is applied to the skin (to allow the RF to conduct) and the treatment is delivered using a handpiece (which looks a little like a wand, and is simply glided over the skin.) 

skin clinic team
tanya at HydraTite Launch Event

Do you have any questions for us on HydraTite facials - or any of the treatments it combines? Have you tried any of these trending technologies at Skin+IQ before?

For more information, why not click here to read blogger Sarah (of the Prosecco Diaries) talk you through her experience with the treatment.

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What our clients say about us

Delighted with the treatments. Dr Flow is patient, thorough and kind professional. Dr Flow also gave me free consultation and gave me a lot of time to listen to my issues. I strongly recommend Skin+IQ. Excellent value for money and outstanding results in my treatments.very clean and organized reception and friendly staff.


I really like the place, Alice is very knowledgeable and passionate about the skin care, Definitely will be back, Thank you!

The knowledgeable, friendly and expert staff guided me through various options and I feel rejuvenated after a fantastic hydrafacial. Thanks Team SkinplusIQ!

Liz Martins

I can't recommend Sadaf and Skin+IQ skin clinic enough ... having had 2 Morpheus8 treatments and FSR my skin is looking fantastic and fabulous as I near my 50th year - The treatment is explained and executed in an excellent manor, and I feel totally at ease and safe in the hands of Sadaf who has done all my treatments so far ... I cannot wait to return for 3rd Morpheus8 and FSR - my results have been amazing with friends and clients commenting on how fantastic my skin is looking, so much so my own clients are following suit!! In the heart of Chelsea in beautiful surroundings and really competitive prices, its a must if you are a skin preservation junkie like me!!

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NOW ONLY £499 RRP £850 👀 
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New Treatment At Skin+IQ 👀👀
Votiva with Forma V ✨
We at Skin + IQ are delighted to introduce the NEW Votiva with Forma V treatment for women. 
It is designed for the treatment of both internal and external vaginal tightening & works by gently heating tissue within your vagina, reducing pain and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. ✨
How does it work❓❓
The device uses up to 3 different technologies to gently heat the treated tissue which in turn reduces pain and tightens the pelvic floor muscles. It also works by remodelling both internally and externally using fractional technology and radio frequency energy. 
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