Introducing Aesthetic Skin Expert

Sadaf Jaffari

Sadaf Jaffari

With a passion for the latest trends and advanced innovation in the aesthetic industry and a thorough knowledge of cutting edge skin treatments, it’s no wonder one of our skin experts and Advanced Aesthetic Aethestician, SADAF JAFFARI, at our Skin+IQ skin clinic based in Chelsea in central London, has a long list of delighted A-lister clients. Her USP? She knows exactly which technologies will work perfectly for each individual and delivers amazing results every time!

Gaining distinctions across the board as she trained to Level 4 VTCT at the prestigious London Beauty College, it was little wonder that when Sadaf left in 2010, she went on to gain positions in some of the most respected sclinics in Harley Street to enrich the development of her aesthetics career.

With her obvious ambition for progressing in the aesthetic industry matched by her natural aptitude, Sadaf was delighted to be mentored by the best doctors and aesthetic experts in the business. With over a decade of advanced aesthetic experience under her belt as well as in-depth training in the latest results-driven technologies and skin treatments including skin tightening, Coolsculpting®, EndymedTM, miraDryTM, Microneedling, LED light therapy and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to name just a few. Sadaf also gained extensive knowledge of the skin and the pharmaceutical products and skincare ingredients to best serve particular concerns.

Sadaf specialises in providing a customised approach to each patient she meets and knows exactly which technologies will work perfectly for each individual to deliver amazing results every time. With the rise in demand for body sculpting treatments, Sadaf has tailored her practice and now offers bespoke body transformation treatments plans using a combination of the following technologies; No1. FDA approved CoolSculpting®, EndymedTM and miraDryTM.

sadaf jaffari skin expert
Sadaf has recently been credited by two major players in the industry, CoolSculpting® and EndymedTM, as being one of their most experienced skin therapists in the UK and have praised Sadaf for her ability to manage patient expectation. This accolade serves to reinforce Sadaf’s desire to continue training and studying to be the best in her field.

“The current aesthetic climate and future developments are extremely exciting but it’s important to remember that in today’s modern world, selfies, social media and marketing may induce unrealistic expectations. I consider it my obligation to listen to my patients and encourage them to view themselves in a positive way. I can show them how a targeted approach with non- surgical treatments and a bespoke skincare plan can achieve amazing results without having to go under the knife or for a dramatic makeover!”

dr nima skin clinic expert

Dr Nima

Based in London, Dr. Nima is one of our skin experts and expert aesthetic practitioner who is known and sought after his work in overall facial aesthetics. As such, clients travel from all over the world to him for the likes of dermal fillers, lip fillers and augmentation, skin rejuvenation and more. They seek him out because they know they will gain the perfect proportions and sought after facial contours and appearance that they have always desired.

Qualified as a dentist with extensive further training and specialisation dedicated to facial aesthetics, he possesses a supreme knowledge of the face, smile and neck areas. Keen to enhance the lives and confidence level of all, this has culminated in him spending years formulating a natural lip enhancer product for those who do not wish to pursue invasive methods for lip augmentation for example. As you can see, his dedication to his field can culminate in tangible results such as these products.

As one of our skin experts, Dr. Nima imparts his wisdom in facial aesthetics as he regularly teaches other practitioners and also holds seminars and workshops in relation to his sought after specialisations. He thoroughly enjoys making a living in this way in that he gets to work with people and discuss and indulge in his passion for aesthetics. A name linked to facial aesthetics in the best possible way; Dr. Nima is the perfect choice for those who only command the best for their look and their life.